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Cucurbital 3 is now available in print in paperback and hardback, and can be ordered through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Cucurbital 3 is the seventh work published by Paper Golem, and continues the series of mini-anthologies that provide a peek into the writing process itself. Authors are always asked two questions: “where did you get the idea for your story?” and “how do you go from idea to finished tale?” This series offers insight into the second question by handling the book’s authors the answer to the first one. Here are nine short stories that began with the same three prompts: madness, darkness, mattress. They cover the spectra from comic to mythic, absurd to poignant, pragmatic to breathtaking.
Nine Authors • Three Prompts • One Anthology
Edited by Campbell and Hugo Award nominee Lawrence M. Schoen, Cucurbital 3 is distributed by Ingram.
Amazon Kindle: http://j.mp/C3kinAmzn
Barnes & Noble TPB: http://j.mp/C3BNtpb
Barnes & Noble HC: http://j.mp/C3BNhc
My story is the “Cordwainer’s Daintiest Lasts”.
And, then on October 15, the latest issue of Three-lobed Burning Eye published on-line at http://www.3lobedmag.com/issue22/3lbe22_story2.html.
This issue features stories from: E. Catherine Tobler, M. Bennardo, R.S. Bohn, Ferrett Steinmetz, and Michelle Muenzler.
My story is called “The Eel Question.”

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