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I don’t think there’s anything more magical as an author than to realize that people – strangers, voices on the net – are actually reading a story that I’ve written and talking about it.

I found out that the lovely ladies of Vaginal Fantasy Hangout, including Felicia Day, decided to read Cthulhurotica together.   Felicia Day!  Icon of girl geekery.

So, I worked up my nerve to actually look at the forum discussion and see what they thought!  I found lots of comments about my story which re-imagined some Greek myths and history into a Lovecraftian love story, called “Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess.”

Sept 1:  Julie:  “Out of the stories that I read, I liked the one with Circe the best. That one was actually interesting and dare I say – fun.”

Sept 3:  Brianna lists the stories that she liked best as “Descent of The Wayward Sister, The Assistant from Innsmouth, Dreamland on Mars, Transfigured Night, The C-Word, and Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess”

Sept 3:  Michelle:  “Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess was so good!”

Sept 5:  Megan:  “I’m really enjoying the anthology so far, more than I thought I would. So far, the stories that have really stuck with me are: Infernal Attractors, Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess, The Fishwives of Sean Brolly, Flash Frame, Transfigured Night, and Amid Disquieting Dreams.”

Sept 12:  Candy:  “Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess was probably my favorite as well. It felt the most complete out of all of them.”

Sept 23:  Melissa lists her favorites including “Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess- Loved the layered storytelling and Circe’s box of “costumes””

Sept 25:  Ramona:  “The Elder Goddess story was strangely sweet, in my opinion, though forming that opinion weirded me out for a moment.”

On the Sept 25th Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #9 Broadcast: ~23:00 minutes in

Kiala Kazabee:  “I liked … I really liked the one.. the one with all the Greek mythos in it.”

Felicia Day:  “Oh yeah.”

Kiala Kazabee:  “With [Anaximander] and Scylla.  And she had all the hairy mouths. 

Felicia Day:  That was Between a Rock and the Elder Goddess, right?  The one with Scylla.  I agree.   I liked that one a lot.”

Kiala:  “Yeah, I really liked that one.”


So, I went fishing out on the net (see what I did there, tentacle-fans?) and found a few more references.

The review of Cthulhurotica on Innsmouth Free Press references “an ancient figure of Greek myth engaging in a subtle seduction of a scholar chasing her legend in Mae Empson’s “Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess” and the authors notes that its “my personal favourite of the collection – hey, I’m a sucker for Greek Myth”

And I found a conversation on DeviantArt about a really cool picture of a siren.  And in the comments, one of the folks says:  “Have you read ‘Cthulhurotica?’ It’s a short story collection that (tastefully) combines eroticism with the creatures and themes of the H.P. Lovecraft Mythos. Most of it’s pretty good, but I think you’d be especially interested in the story ‘Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess’ by Mae Empson.”

So cool.

Happy day!


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