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This week, I was invited to provide a guest blog for the Inkpunks on speculative poetry 101.

Check it out here:  http://www.inkpunks.com/2012/04/25/720/#content


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On Goodreads

So, I think I am the last writer on the planet to actually figure out how to use Goodreads.  What a cool site!  If any other writers aren’t using this yet, I hope this post is a helpful nudge.

I still need to start rating books, and listing the ones I am reading, and will, but it’s so immersive that I have to budget my time, or I wouldn’t get any writing done this week at all.  So far, I’ve been able to set up my profile, use Twitter to quickly find writer friends whose ratings and reviews would most interest me, and look at the reviews of my own stories. 

My favorite part so far is the ability to connect so directly with readers.  I noticed a review for the anthology Historical Lovecraft in which the reader mentioned my story as his favorite and indicated that he was trying to figure out who I was. 

The best of the batch would be the story about the young priestess who has to sacrifice her lover because she has failed the gods. (I have been trying to find who wrote it, and failed as it doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere) It has the benefit of being memorable, of being of an unusual real culture, and of being a good all around story.

How cool is that?  And, there was a little comment box where I could reply and answer his question — It’s me!  I’m on Goodreads now! 

And he wrote back and said:  Your story was an amazing story and the only one in the anthology that had me looking up the historical facts of the people they wrote about. Very well written and very enjoyable!!

Happy happy day to hear such words from a reader!  🙂   Squeeeeeeeeeeeee

I also found a neat review of Attic Toys that referenced one of my stories:

Attic Toys, edited by Jeremy C. Shipp, is a collection of short stories, all based around the idea of killer toys or killer children or killer attic spaces, mostly from the horror variety, with some noticeable exceptions being the stories from Piers Anthony and Mae Empson, which are more like grown-up fairytales…As I mentioned, noticeable exceptions to the horror theme were “Living Doll” by Piers Anthony and “The Tea-Serving Doll” by Mae Empson. These were interesting changes of pace that were curious additions to this collection. While they stuck with the “toys and attics” theme quite well, the tone of these stories was different enough to change the pace and almost give the reader a short breather from the other more twisted stories. In addition, the quality of the writing is so high that I can understand why exceptions were made.

This review gave me my own fan moment.  A reader liked my story!  And me and Piers Anthony in the same sentence!  One of my absolute favorite authors growing up.

If there had been a Goodreads when I was in my teens, he would have had so many 5-star reviews from me!  And that makes me realize that there is nothing stopping me from taking the time this month when I have a chance to use the site to rate the books that have meant something to me throughout my life. 

All in all, Goodreads is reminding me how much fun it is to be a reader and fan.

And that’s a great motivation to keep on writing and reading.

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