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What do writers celebrate?

I was delighted to learn this week that the very first story I ever sent to a publisher sold.  The first market kept it for 338 days, and finally notified me that the project was being cancelled.  It’s a shame, because it was a good anthology concept, but I was happy to have the story back.  In the year that has passed, I have sent 36 other pieces to over 80 markets.  I still liked the first story, and made only minor edits before sending it to a 28 day acceptance to a market that I like very much, where I had been wanting to place a story.  (More details when I can share them!)

But, any way, this felt like an important milestone, and it made me look at some dates.

The anniversary of the first day I submitted a story to a market was July 17.  It passed this year without my noticing.  I wish I had noticed.  I’ve been doing this more than a year.  And I haven’t stopped writing!

The anniversary of the first day I sold a story to a paid market is September 2.  I think I will celebrate then.

The anniversary of the first day I sold a story at a pro rate is November 17.  Another one to celebrate, I think.

Other reflections:  10 of the 37 pieces have sold to the first market to which they were sent.  I appear to be averaging about 3 new stories per month, though in reality it’s more like bursts of creativity and dry periods where I am overwhelmed at my day job or ill.  As of today, I have 9 stories out at markets.  This is usually my trigger to get at least one more in circulation.  I finished a new story last night, which is now with my sister who is my first reader.  I have 5 other stories planned to submit before 8/31 (that came back from other markets), but which still need a last round of editing and re-formatting to the targeted specifications before release into the wild. 

I have met in person, or through twitter, an amazing network of writers and editors who are on this same road, but much more experienced than me.  What a thrill! 

So, that’s my first year as a writer in review. 

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and believed in me!


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