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I think my overall take away lessons are:

1) Keep writing.  Finish the stories that you start.  I outline, write, and then edit.  That process works for me, but I’m sure it is not the only process that works.

2) Send multiple stories out at the same time.  Keep sending work out.  The more stories that are in circulation, the less any individual rejection will hurt.

3) There is no replacement for a tight match of the story to the submission call, both in terms of following the guidelines, and responding very specifically to the theme if it is for a theme call.  I have had the best luck selling stories that were written specifically for a given open call.

4) Tight word counts are your friend.  I find that tight word counts teach me to edit my own work better than I would have done without the pressure of the word limit.

5) Learn from rejections.  While some come back without much feedback, I always craft a working hypothesis as to why the piece wasn’t a good fit for the publication or good enough, so that I have a vision for the revision.

6) Keep reading.  I learn by reading and by writing.  If possible, read anthologies by the editor, or magazine issues by the editor.  Each time you read a story, think about what worked and what didn’t.  This is all in part a matter of taste, but it is definitely part of the learning.

7) Social media is awesome.  I think the greatest part of Twitter is the sense of networking with other writers and editors, and the on-going inspiration to keep up the work.   Twitter friends, the knowledge that you are writing helps me stay motivated to keep writing.


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Several milestones

Cthulhurotica is now available on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Cthulhurotica-Carrie-Cuinn/dp/0983137307/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1293075052&sr=8-1.  I’m very excited about this anthology.  I can’t wait to get my print copies in the mail!  The official launch day was December 21, 2010, so I”m a little late posting this but this has been a month of severe illness.

I sold another story today.  “Spider Silk and Banshee Hair” has found a home in an anthology to be published in March 2011, called “From Shadows and Nightmares” from Nightfall Publications. 

I have sent 24 stories out for review since July 2010, to 46 markets.   As of today, I have 11 stories out for review.  Six stories have found homes at paying markets, mostly semipro and one pro, and two were placed with non-paying markets (while I was building up confidence as a writer!).  I have five more that are under major revision, or in search of an appropriate market.  I have three new story ideas that I’d like to at least get started before 12/31, related to some upcoming open submission calls.

I imagine these sort of statistics are only interesting to me, but it’s useful to me to diary the process.

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I can’t believe it’s December 1st already.

Here’s a kind of journal update for myself as to what happened in November 2010.

Three short story sales:  “Vessels of Clay, Flesh, and Stars” to In Situ (semipro anthology); “Pathological Curves” to Poe Little Thing (pro magazine); and one other to a semipro magazine for which I am still confirming whether details can be announced yet.  It’s a story about faith and about a fairy tale, transposed to medieval Ethiopia.  With a golem.

I sent nine short stories to markets during the month of November (one short of my #10bythen goal).  One has sold (see In Situ above).  Six are still pending at Pedestal; Nightfall Publications Horror/Paranormal anthology; America the Horrific anthology; Cabinet des Fees; Shock Totem; and Biopunk.  And two have been rejected.

I have another five stories still pending from submission in prior months for a total of eleven stories still awaiting an outcome.

I have two stories in draft to hopefully submit within the first two weeks of December for anthologies with December due dates. 

I also attended OryCon this month and very much enjoyed meeting writers and editors while I was there.

All in all, a good month!

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