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A tale of two sales!

This has been quite a week.  I spent the weekend at Orycon, hearing great readings and panels, and continuing to meet folks in the Pacific Northwest writing/editing community (and beyond).

I have two pieces of wonderful news this week.

On 11/13, I learned that my story “Vessels of Clay, Flesh, and Stars” has been accepted for In Situ, the next anthology from Dagan Books — the same great team behind Cthulhurotica.   The theme of the anthology is alien archaeology.  My story describes graduate students and their professor investigating a tomb from precolumbian Peru (from the Moche).  It’s another spider story!  

Today, on 11/17, I learned that my story “Pathological Curves” has been accepted for Poe Little Thing winter 2010 edition, from Naked Snake Press.  This is my very first pro market sale!  What a thrill!  This is a very math geeky piece of flash fiction (~1000 words).  It’s one of my Victorian setting stories, though not from the same universe as several of the others currently under review.

Yay for stories that find good homes!  🙂


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I have posted before about a day that made me feel like a writer, and what a happy feeling that is.

I must record another fine day of that type.  The following lovely things happened yesterday (in chronological order):

1) I am now listed on the Pacific Northwest Horror Writers website:  http://www.horror-pnw.com/

2) Carrie posted the back cover for Cthulhurotica, and there is my name in big print on a book!  http://cthulhurotica.com/2010/11/10/the-back-cover/

3) Carrie e-mailed the pdf proof for the book, and I was able to read all of the other stories for the first time, and see mine in print.  Such a thrill, and such an honor to read the other stories, and find myself among them.  Wow!

4) I read for the first time an essay in the book by an English professor about the stories in the book, and he highlights my story and its themes.  For many years of my life, I was going to be the English professor writing about other people’s fiction.  There is something extraordinary about looking back over the strange directions my life has taken and finding myself on the receiving end of that equation.  He writes “This story is also particularly clever in its interweaving of myth, history, and fiction in a way that represents the interlacing of the ordinary and the fantastic.”  That is an excellent description of what I enjoy most about writing, and who I strive to be as a writer.

A glorious day indeed.

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Adam Israel (@AdamIsrael) had a great idea for all the folks just working on short stories this month, and not joining the masses doing novels for NaNoWriMo. 

The rules of AlterNaNoWriMo are simple (as proposed by Adam):

  1. Just like the real NaNoWriMo, the work you’re rewarded for begins on November 1st and ends at midnight on November 30th but doesn’t have to be a novel, or even 50,000 words.
  2. Be accountable. Blog and/or tweet (with the #alternano hash tag) your goal(s) and your progress.

My goals (Mae):

  • Write every day
  • Weekly blog status updates
  • Every other day twitter status updates
  • Finish & submit my story for InSitu (DONE & ACCEPTED!); it’s set in 2010, mostly in Peru, Huaca Rajada, focusing on the Moche Spider Decapitator and, of course, aliens [submitted on 11/7 as targeted]
  • Revise Black Veined White (butterly/vampire twisted fairy tale) for Rockets, Swords, and Rainbows; about 80% done [Due 11/21; goal submit by 11/14]
  • Revise Spider Silk and Banshee Hair (death/grief/music) for [updated 11/11] Nightfall Publications Horror/Paranormal Anthology [Due 12/1; goal submit by 11/21]
  • Complete & submit new story for 20spec; praying that a good concept will hit me this month; [Due 12/20; goal is to have outline by 11/21, and submit by 11/28]
  • Revise and re-submit The Tea-Serving Doll (immigrants/clockwork/ Baba Yaga tales); got some great feedback on this one to polish it; planning to send to CdF [Due 11/30; goal submit by 11/28]
  • Develop concept and initial outline for Biopunk story by 11/30 (I have two other linked stories in a Victorian world with bio science focus; thinking to add another one; or revise Aesthetic Engine if it comes back before 11/30); [Due 12/15; will finish & submit in December]
  • As stories currently out for review come back, look for additional relevant markets, and put them back to work, for a total of at least 10 stories submitted to markets during November [that’s my #10bythen goal].  I’ll need 5 re-submits of this kind, since the above goals will lead to 5 submissions.  The nice thing about this process is that it gives getting a rejection an upside.  Hey, I can put this one back to work, and count it for this month…

I found this helpful to look at the month of November and seriously consider what is possible to get done, and prioritize between the opportunities.  I’ll keep myself accountable by posting updates, and see at the end of the month if I made my goals.

Thanks for the idea, Adam!

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