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My story, “The Frog Princess”, is now available on-line at http://crossedgenres.com and can also be purchased through Amazon as a hard copy  (http://www.amazon.com/dp/1453822518). 

So, fellow writers, how many copies do you end up wanting of a publication with one of your stories in it?  This is so new and wonderful to me.

O happy day!  I’m excited to read the other stories.  The cover art is beautiful. 

–Mae Empson


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Update on Cthulhurotica

The list of contributors has been announced.  See http://cthulhurotica.com/contributors/

It is a thrill to see my name beside the other authors! 

I’m so curious about the others, and looking forward to learning more about them.

I can’t wait to see the pieces organized into a table of contents, and of course to see the book itself!

Pre-orders will be taken in November.

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It’s such a lovely, lovely feeling to see a story finished.  

First, to readers for feedback and more polishing, and then off to Historical Lovecraft

This is a good chance to mention that my absolute favorite best reader is my twin sister.  She is a star!  I could not do this without her.  Very much looking forward to her thoughts on this one.  🙂

I think historical Lovecraft-inspired stories are becoming my absolute favorite genre!  There are so many cultures and time periods, and myths and history that can be brought to bizarre and inspiring union…

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So I discovered on Twitter that a great way to keep yourself motivated to get work out is to try to send out at least 10 pieces per month – the #10bythen.  I stopped and checked to see if I sent 10 in August.  Crossed Genres and Daily Bites of Flesh 2011 were both sent in August, and the following eight markets are still reviewing my pieces:  Bewere the Night, Enchanted Conversation, Faerie Stories, Greek Myths Revisited, New Love Stories Magazine, On the Premises, Poe Little Thing, and Steam Dreams Punk Baby, so I made the 10! 

For September (which is officially half over as of today – eek!), I’ve got Cthulhurotica (sent 9/5), and the following three are still with the publisher for review:  Horror Library, Steamy Screams, and Full Armor.  

So, I’m a little behind to do 10 by the end of the month (needing 6 more!), but inspired to keep up the pace!

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Once upon a time…

This site is a step on a new journey.  I’ve always been interested in literature, fairy tale, myth, and legend – our mythic imagination. 

In July 2010, I began writing in earnest, inspired by friends.   A few stories have been in my mind for years, but many are newborn.  I’ve been gratified that publishers are choosing to accept my stories, and hope that I will continue to find words that resonate with the strange and wonderful themes that are proposed for new magazine issues and anthologies every day. 

I’m finding that my stories are ranging wildly across genres, from fantasy to horror, from erotica to spiritual.  All of these genres offer windows into the cravings and fears of the human heart.   

It is particularly fitting that my first story to be published will be in the magazine Crossed Genres, which occupies this same space — all stories are speculative, but the genre changes each month.  You’ll find my story, The Frog Princess, in issue 23, which has a Dreams and Nightmares theme, expected October 2010.

This blog will be a place to record this journey of the imagination that so far has ranged from ancient Greece to medieval Ethiopia, from turn of the century Japanese and Serbian immigrants to young women in a modern Phillipines town, and to modern urban spaces like the ones I inhabit everyday.

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